38 Boulevard Emmanuel Rouquier Centre Commercial Plein Sud

06130 GRASSE


Opening hours

  • 7/7 06h - 21h

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  • The disrespect of the present rules will lead to the immediate expulsion of the client of the launderette, the immediate stopping of their machine(s), without any reimbursement, or compensation. 
  • Animals are forbidden in the launderette.
  • It is forbidden to smoke and to eat in the launderette.
  • Please respect the instructions for security and for the use of the machines that are displayed in the launderette.
  • Please respect the cleanliness of the launderette and leave the premises in the state in which you would like to find it when you arrive.
  • This is a self service automatic launderette. Everything is placed under your responsibility. The Management of the launderette are not responsible for any theft, damage caused by improper handling, deterioration of the laundry, nor for damages of any nature whatsoever. 
  • Clients are asked to be present when their machines stop as the client who is waiting to use the machine has the RIGHT to take your laundry out of the machine. 
  • The clients using the washing machines have the priority for the use of the dryers. 
  • Do not load the washing machine after 8p.m. as the machines stop automatically at 9p.m.
  • In the case of an emergency, you can contact us on the service telephone number which is displayed in the launderette. For any intervention at the launderette for an unjustified reason or because the instructions for using the machines were not respected, the client will be charged 60€ for travelling expenses. This sum is doubled on Sundays and bank holidays.
  • No reimbursement will be granted to clients who have made a false manipulation or who have not respected the instructions for using the launderette.  
  • Any damages caused to the launderette by the client will be invoiced to them in full.
  • The use of products for ‘Hand’ washing is forbidden; only detergents that are specific for washing machines are to be used.
  • Please respect the instructions for washing and drying given on the labels of your clothes. 
  • To obtain optimal washing and drying, do not overload the machines above their capacity.
  • Check the number of your machine BEFORE inserting your coins or notes in the payment terminal. No reimbursement will be made in the case of the payment of another machine. 
  • Any behaviour that is contradictory to these rules that could damage the security of the machines, or the leisurely use of the laundrette, or bring prejudice to the image of the laundrette, or any fraudulent action will be punished (see article 1) and we reserve the right to make an official complaint against the transgressors.

The Management.